Fab Little Bag – 45 Disposable Feminine Hygiene Product Bags


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Brand: Fab Little Bag


  • DISCREET DISPOSAL: Keep your personal business personal with easy to use sanitary disposal bags. Keep Fab Little Bag handy for life’s little hygiene necessities.
  • EASY TO USE: These opaque bags are simple to open with one hand making disposing of tampons, pads and napkins quick and easy. After use, simply seal closed and toss away with confidence.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Environmentally conscious? Fab Little Bag is safe for the environment too! Be worry-free about throwing away your trash.
  • PERIOD PERSONAL: There is no need for anyone to know. Women can dispose with confidence anywhere they choose. No more worry of unsightly products in the trash or the possibility of clogged plumbing.
  • YOUNG WOMEN: Don’t forget about your daughter’s first period kit. Adding Fab little Bag makes menstruation a little easier for girls just learning about their time of the month.

Package Dimensions: 18x160x91

Details: At last, a fab way to dispose of tampons and pads. Wherever you are, whenever you need them, these non-transparent, sealable, biodegradable bags are a girl’s best friend. You only need one hand to open FabLittleBag and you’re good to go. Never be caught out again with a blocked toilet or no bathroom waste basket. Just Open – Seal – Stash – Trash! It’s the best disposal method, period.

Fab Little Bag is a discreet little bag that you can drop your used tampon into and then seal securely with one hand using the patented clever finger loops. A very useful feature if you are holding a used tampon or pad in the other hand. Use and dispose with ease with these Fab Little Bags.

Environmentally a better choice:
Environmentally conscious? Have a green thumb? These bags are made from 35% organic material and are Oxo-biodegradable. Since these bags are easy to stash and easy to dispose, there’s no need to flush them. Keep tampons out of the rivers, seas, and sewers, and help your environment stay a little bit cleaner. Every little big helps. Make a small difference in your world today with ease, with the use of the Fab Little Bags.

Guilt-free, Stress-free:
No bin in sight? Ran out of toilet paper to wrap it in? Whatever they are, your concerns are now over. Fab Little Bag puts you back in control of disposal. With its convenient design to carry and seal, the Fab Little Bags are ready for you anywhere, any time.

The best solution. Period.


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